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Day 1 - Part 1

Like merry go round~

sunny 28 °C

7am, it's already super bright and hot! I can feel the heat when Alvin opened the door to the balcony.

This man is here selling breakfast every morning and stop for at least 20 minutes.


I've read that Balinese don't have very heavy breakfast. They will always feed God/spirit first. So in the morning they'll have small meal like sweet sticky rice with prawn or fish cracker.

We went to Legian beach after breakfast. Tourists do what tourists do - parked themselves under the hot sun or playing water sport. Here, they surf.


We were stopped by a man claiming that he is working for a hotel in Nusa Dua. He gave us some postcard thingy. Without much thought, we took one each. It's some kind of scratch and win contest! It appears Alvin just won US12k or 2 nights stay in that hotel blah blah blah...
He told us we must go to Nusa Dua to claim the prize. Terms & conditions applies, of course. We have to listen to 60 minute video presentation. *Roll eyes*

We need to get to the MAS office so we felt really annoyed and tried to get away as soon as we could.

So he gave us something like an invitation, urging us that we must go or he'll lose his commission (around RP50,000), which unfortunately we meant to miss the 60 minutes video presentation.

We hired a cab and went to the airport. After ding dong around for awhile, we found the office... Sigh… we didn't get our ticket since the computer did all the job that the human being who invented the system refuse to do what should be done. We have to wait for them to get the message across to Malaysian office or we'll have loads of problem checking out later.

The cab driver waited for us and took us around. We took some nice photos of statues along the way.

Here’s the impressive Patung Satria Gatotkaca near airport, launched in 1993.


It didn't have anything to tell the history or story about this monument. Problem travelling in Bali - no brochure or big huge board that tell you what is this all about.

As usual, I care-less about taking proper photo in front of monument like this.


On the way to Nusa Dua, we saw this family of 3 on a bike.


Eye catching... really.

  1. Photo Courtesy of Damien Photography

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And here we are...

Checking into Vilarisi Hotel.

overcast 25 °C

Thing about travelling that I don’t enjoy is the journey to get to a place. I hate the smell in the plane, I don’t like the feeling of taking off and landing, I don’t like to be caught in the seat doing nothing for too long, I can’t even read.

I don’t get the window seat because Alvin wanna shoot spectacular sunset.


We think it was Mount Merapi on the left.

It was only 6pm but the sun already set when the 737-400 did the rough landing in Ngurah Rai International airport.

You know you are in Bali if you notice the Candi Bentar just outside the airport building guarded by stone carved temple guards.

I was here 5 years ago, just a couple of months before the blast of Sari Club in Kuta. Then and now, even Balinese would say, is very different.

Walked out of the aircraft, we smelled sandal wood, “Ah… the smell of tourism.” Alvin said.

Vilarisi Hotel is located in Kuta. Airport taxi charged RP50 000 for a 15 minutes ride.

Along the way, there were shops and houses faintly lit. The yellowish lighting made me wonder if they are still using oil lamp. The whole town looks like it’s running with a big huge generator.

Our taxi gently inch our way into Matahari Square in Kuta, a town in Bali that never sleeps.

Many suffer dudes zooming passed on rented motorcycles. Their skin was so tanned you can hardly tell if they are locals or foreigners. The street lined up with lots of well lit branded outlets and coffee houses.

Something new caught my eyes. I never noticed there was horse ride carriage in this town.

After the hustle and bustle, we saw Legian beach just around the corner, less car, but still crowded with people looking for dinner. Along the road here you will find many posh fusion restaurants catering for tourist only.

With no warning at all, our taxi took a sharp turn into a dark alley, after a short bumpy ride, we saw our hotel.

The girl who checked us in was Wayan, a common name for the older child in the family. She can speak some Japanese and German.

We had welcome drink when she explained some “house rule” like breakfast is from 7:30am to 10:30 am, collect the coupon from front desk every morning, please make booking for the free 10 minutes shoulder or foot massage (which I checked later, prices for massage and spa was quite reasonable for my standard)…

The hotel was rather small. They have only 34 rooms in total. I would say it’s like a guest house. Our room is on the 4th floor. The lift took 10 minutes to arrive, and another 10 minutes to go back up again, and another 3 minutes to open the door.

Alvin told me a German who lived there suggested someone is working very hard to winching people up and down. The lift did look a bit like it was a cheap cupboard.

I was a bit disappointed at first because I don’t like the location, the alley looks dodgy and dark, the lobby looks kind of run down and the swimming is just behind the restaurant.

Anyhow, it was only USD22 a night. I can’t ask for more!

I changed my mind as soon as the lift door opens.

White is a good colour, the corridor is spacious and beautiful and neat, the room is spacious, the bed is soft and comfortable, the air-con is cold, the bathroom is clean, and it has balcony.

“Nice place.” Alvin said, “Very nice.”

The down side, it was a twin bedroom, and, it doesn’t have coffee making facility.

We went to the convenient store and bought some Aqua, coffee and snacks, also took a long walk to Legian beach and found us some dinner.

Alvin discovered the rooftop garden, a really cool place to hangout. It has benches and summer houses, carpet grass, beautiful garden, sharing space with laundry and spa.


Now that's a really nice touch.

  1. Photo courtesy of Damien Photography.

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