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Day 2 - Part 2

Pura Luhur Uluwatu

sunny 28 °C

Pura Luhur Uluwatu, located in the sounth west, rated as the most beautiful temple by the sea. It is one of the most important temples in Bali, built in the 11th century.

Pura means Temple, Luhur means great divine, Uluwatu means the land’s end of rock. It is said that this is where Dandhyang Nirartha, a well respected ancient priest who established this temple, resurrected.

We must wear sarung to enter the temple. Many vendors are selling peanuts to feed monkeys. The first trick to deal with monkeys is not to feed them. You never know how aggressive they can become when it comes to taking things off your hands.

Even Komang told us to watch out for our belongings.

Though, this fellow is rather cute.


As we track down the beaten track...


We found an interesting path...


It lead us to the top of the world, where the cow eating grass that I haven't notice it until I browsing through this group of photos.


We stayed there for about half an hour. Chatted and enjoying the breeze. Surprisingly there weren't any monkeys here.

Oversee the violent wave battling rocks and cliff.


And then we track back to the main temple. There are offerings on the altar. Some things people will always warn you not to step on it or you'll be cursed.


Komang said there's nothing like that. It's ok if you step on it, walked over it unintentionally. There's no black magic whatsoever.

A family praying in one of the temple.


As soon as we done our rounds in the temple, we made our way to lunch in the nearby coffee shop.

Alvin was dying for coffee and I'm too hungry and thirsty to be fussy. But Komang weren’t sure if it’s a good idea for us to eat where locals eat.

“You don’t want to eat in a proper restaurant? The food prepared here may not be good for your stomach, but for Balinese, it’s ok.” He said.

We told him not to worry, “We are used to it.”

Komang is interested in photography and he had been observing what Alvin been shooting. Alvin let him try and he took some really good shot!


Locals coming for prayers.


A woman observing the crowd in the nearby coffee shop.

  1. Photo courtesy of Damien Photography

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Day 2 - Part 3

Garuda Wisnu Kencana

all seasons in one day 25 °C

Today is full moon, and it's a Sunday. Komang said there will be a lot of people going to the temple for praying. But nothing big, just very subtle one to ask for blessing and things like that.

We went to Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park in Jimbaran. A new Tourist spot to learn about Balinese culture.

It's a park built on a hill, with an Art Gallery, stage for cultural performances, shops, and a Panaromic restorant where you can see the rest of Bali, including the waist of Bali connected to the north.

The weather was overcast and it rained for about 5 minutes.

This is the statue of Lord Wisnu, the preserver and protector of creation.


As far as my lalat sunglasses is concern, I was admiring the statue of Lord Wisnu when some paparazi came and took a shot of me.


The cultural park has beautiful garden. Bali is the land with poor soil, they use a lot of fertilizer to keep those flowers blooming.

The crowd started coming in when we are about to leave. Lots of students and families and tour groups entering the premises.

We found this when coming down the hill, don't know who she was but it surely was beautiful. It's like the artist found a stone in the middle of the garden and started sculpture the girl of his dream.


We left cultural park and heading to Luhur Uluwatu. On the way, we passed by some interesting places.

Komang said the land here was so bad people will give it to you for free. There are no good soil to plant anything. If you have a cow, there's nothing for you to feed the cow since there hardly any grass.

Now, the price of land is booming because of tourism.

Passing by Nusa Dua, we found this HUGE figure of Lord Wisnu.


It was the entrance of Chattugraha. A gate way to dreamland, or also known as the New Kuta. It is a property owned by Tomi Swato. One of the riches man in Indonesia.

  1. Photo courtesy to Damien Photography

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A driver who became our friend.

overcast 25 °C

We need a driver.

Tony gave us 2 numbers. We already set out mind on the one he said "speaks perfect English".

Alvin called him and asked him if he remember “Pak Tony”. In his cheery voice, he said, “Oh yes of course I remember Pak Tony from Malaysia.”

“Ok good.” As reserve as Alvin already is, he told him that we are in Bali and was wondering if he is free to take us around Bali.

“Yes of course I’m free.” Very very cheery.

And then he asked us which hotel we stay, jotted down the hotel’s phone number, discussed roughly how much he’s gonna charge and so forth and so forth and told him to be here at 10am.

Alvin likes him already.

He came in blue stripe shirt, black slacks and a pair of good shoes. A Ray Ban sunglasses resting on his nicely gelled hair. Tan skin, great smile, and everything nice.

He knows the importance of making a good first impression.

We exchanged some small talks. Everytime we asked a question his answer will always be “yes of course”, “it’s up to you”, “yes no problem”, “sure please”.

Basically he meant, "Everything is what makes the customer happy. Tourism is about good service. I will go all out to make things right for you."

When he found out that Alvin is the youngest in the family, he said, “Oh~~~ you are the youngest child. The youngest child is always well loved by the family.”

So I asked him how many siblings he has.

He chuckled, “I have 2 older sisters.”

“So that makes you the youngest child in the family!” I said.

Alvin looked at him and teased, “Wow! You must be well loved!”

“Yea… and a lot of responsibility too!” He laughed.

Son is very important in Balinese family because boy have to take care of the elderly parents and expand the family.

And then we talked about how Indonesian drives. He said many license of motorists on the road can be easily bought.

“Like Pak Tony said, everything in Indonesia can be discussed.”

It’s a surprise that there’s hardly any accident on the road when Malaysia road accident is one of the highest in the world.

And then we asked him how long had he been driving. He said 3 years

“How old are you?”

“I’m only 17.” He said it like a sweet young boy with a naughty smile.

We laughed. Alvin said, “So you bought your license when you were 14?”

“No no no!!! My license was not bought.”

He laughed and confessed he is around 25 year old.

We were never bored on the road with him.


He turns out to be a good travel guide too!

  1. Photo courtesy of Damien Photography.

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Day 1 - Part 3

Sunset in Kuta

overcast 25 °C

This is Sita sitting in front of the Hotel entrance.


We took a walk in Legian beach to watch sunset.


Vendors selling all kinds of stuff and services are still walking about.

If you don’t want harassment, ignore them, avoid them. I learnt my lesson. These people are worse beggars. They will not leave you alone until you buy something from them, or get up and leave.

But it's already late, they are not as persistent. I get to sit down and enjoy the scenery.

Many activities are happening here.

Other than people walking on the beach and jogging. There are surfers trying to surf, or learning to surf.


The water wasn’t rough so I think I can get a hang of it if I want to.

They are also people playing football.

The beach has lots of dogs too! I don’t know where they came from. They look like stray dogs, but they don’t beg for food or love. They just walk around the beach, dip their feet in the water and continue walking. When they feel like it, they’ll come round you, sniffle and checking you out; or they just ignore you.

Never seen dogs that with so much of dignity in them.

Some families brought their pet dog here for a walk or a swim. Some are toy dog like Chiwawa; some are pedigrees like Saint Bernard. Having a pet dog is becoming a trend in Bali now.

All these are really good subjects for silhouetted sunsets. To a point, it's like watching wayang kulit.

Oh! I don’t see any sand castle. Why?

Due to the weather condition, too cloudy, we didn't get to see the most breathtakingly beautiful sunset here. But we got the beautiful moon rise on the other side though.


Determine to have dinner in Seminyak. We took a long walk to god knows where. Passing by restaurants and bars and people asking “taxi?”

As the day gets darker, the more uncomfortable I become. Finally we decided to take a cab. The feller asking for RP40,000. We told him it’s ridiculous. From the airport to Kuta only cost us RP50,000.

He said Seminyak is very far. I hate it when they think tourists are stupid.

We refused and bargain it down to RP30,000, which wasn’t much anyway.

Tired of walking, we settle down in a cozy café and had deep fried calamari, and special fried rice for dinner.

  1. Photo courtesy of Damien Photography.

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Day 1 - Part 2

Nusa Dua and the Ipanema Man

sunny 33 °C

Nusa Dua beach is in the south east. They have 3 beaches open for public. We went to the one near Club Med. The taxi driver had some hard time finding the turning. He had to stop and ask for direction.

Balinese thinks the mountain belongs to God, and the sea belings to the death. So hardly any Balinese will live by the sea.

We arrived at 11am or so. I don’t know if this place is run by a hotel, they have people wearing uniform serving food and drinks and also water sports.

We had some snack. There were 4 pretty drunk, sun burnt young Australians sitting next to us, and one of them was really cheeky. He talked so much and so loud I think the entire beach can hear him. The craziest thing they gonna do is some water sport.

Like everywhere else, you must sign a consent letter that should there any accident, the company will not take any responsibility.

Despite them being drunk, they signed the consent form anyway.

Suddenly, a guy caught my eyes and Alvin quickly took a shot.


We called him the Ipanema man.

After lunch, we walked a little further and found a summer house not far from club med and spent the entire afternoon there.


Around 1pm, a bunch of fishermen parked their boat at the shore and were walking out to sea.


The sun was burning but the wind was cool. This kind of weather that could burn your skin.


Kite flying is also the favorite pass-time of locals.

  1. Photo Courtesy of Damien Photography

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